Lightning Rod Parts, LLC sources materials and protection equipment from many manufacturers and foundries. Due to this, and the continuously rising shipping costs around the globe, we add a $30 fee onto the $12 minimum shipping requirement for protection equipment orders under $50. The fact of the matter is, FedEx is typically who we use, and smaller orders are still very expensive to ship out using that carrier. In order to sustain our business model that caters towards larger orders, while also allowing smaller orders to be processed, we believe that the above fees are appropriate and balanced. 

For glass balls and other fancy items, however, shipping rates are calculated differently and are not subject to this charge. Though, if you purchase protection equipment and glass balls, you could potentially be subject to this charge. The shipping calculator, powered by Shopify e-commerce, will automatically detect whether to add or omit this charge. Due to the fragility of glass balls, it is likely that the calculation will determine that there will need to be two different boxes, one with protection equipment with heavy metals and other large items, and the other box with the fragile glass balls or fancy parts. Therefore, this $30 charge will most likely be incorporated into orders that do have a combination of protection equipment and glass balls. We appreciate your understanding.

Due to the heaviness of finals, a minimum of $50 shipping plus a % rate is added onto the total cost. This percentage is subject to change.